FanDuel Tennessee

In the state of Tennessee, sports betting was officially legalized on November 1st 2020. FanDuel Tennessee was among the first sportsbook operators to launch in this state, representing a huge part of the US’ sports wagering industry. At the moment, the operator has not partnered up with any retail provider given the fact that the state does not permit casinos to run.

Betting fans are bound to enjoy this new addition into the market, seeing as FanDuel is highly reputable nationwide, thanks to its leading DFS app, and top-notch sportsbook app. In our in-depth review below, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about FanDuel Tennessee, including the sign up process, bonuses, promos, wagering options, banking options, FAQs and so much more insightful information.

FanDuel Tennessee Welcome Bonus

FanDuel welcomes new users with a lucrative welcome bonus in the form of a bonus bet of up to $1,000. To become eligible for this, you only need to register for an account and make an initial deposit. The best part about this offer is that no promo code is required, and it works on any bet preferred by the player.

If a player’s first bet ends up being successful, the pay-out works as usual. However, if it is a loss, the player gets a match-up of the initial amount wagered in form of site credits. While you cannot exactly withdraw this amount, you can bet using it and stand a chance to win real cash.

FanDuel Tennessee Wagering Laws

While it may have taken a while for sports betting to get legalized, it finally became lawful in May 2019 regardless of Governor Bill Lee remaining adamant to sign the bill legalizing it. Gov. Lee did not veto the bill, which allowed for it to take effect. Interestingly, in this volunteer state, retail sportsbooks’ operations are prohibited, but online sportsbooks platforms are legal.

What makes Tennessee sports wagering stand out is the fact that there is no other form of gambling that goes on in the state. TN sports wagering operations are regulated and overseen by the Tennessee Education Lottery Commission. While sports betting was legalized in May 2019 in TN, it wasn’t until November 2020 that DraftKings and other online sports betting platforms launched in the state, going live to the public.

Tennessee allows bettors in the state to wager on both professional gaming events as well as on the local collegiate teams. However, bettors cannot indulge in in-play betting when it comes to NCAA gaming events. Additionally, prop wagers that involve individual college-players are prohibited, alongside those that entail college players getting injuries.

How to make a wager at FanDuel SportsBook Tennessee

Time needed: 3 minutes.

As is the norm with FanDuel, they have simplified everything, including the sports wagering process. Below are the straightforward steps that you need to follow:

  1. Visit website and/or download app

    Visit the FanDuel site or download the mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple Store

  2. Create your FanDuel Account

    Registering for an account here is easy and it takes just a few minutes. You are only required to provide some personal information such as physical address, full name, email address, DOB, phone number and social security number (last 4 digits, as it helps FanDuel verify that you are indeed aged 21 and above, seeing as 21 is the minimum age you need to have attained before you can indulge in sports wagering in Tennessee.

  3. Make your initial deposit

    FanDuel Tennessee requires that you make a first deposit of at least $10.

  4. Get betting

    Having completed the steps above, you are good to go. You only need to navigate the site or app to find an event or game that you are interested in wagering on. Upon selecting your desired game, just key in the amount that you are comfortable wagering with. This bet amount subsequently shows in your bet-slip. After confirming that everything regarding the bet is as you’d prefer, just proceed straight to wagering.

FanDuel Tennessee Sports Betting Section

As compared to other sportsbooks, FanDuel doesn’t really offer players numerous niche sporting options. However, the options available on both college and professional games are numerous and diverse in nature, seeing to it that all bettors are well taken care of.

The only thing to keep in mind here is that prop wagering and in-play betting on the performance of individual players when it comes to college games is explicitly prohibited by the TN sports betting law. The available sports at FanDuel TN include Basketball (NCAA and NBA), Cricket, Baseball, Boxing, Basketball, Darts, Cycling, Hockey, Golf, Football (NCAA and NFL), MMA, Soccer, Tennis, and Table Tennis. 

Players can find all the standard wagering options alongside other unique betting options in FanDuel sportsbook TN. Some common options include point spreads, money lines, total over-unders, parlays and teasers. Let us have a look at some of the most common betting options with FanDuel TN.


Just like the name suggests, a futures bet is a type of wager that allows for players to wager on an event or occurrence that is expected to happen sometime in future. A good example of this is betting on a particular team winning in the next Super Bowl, or on a given player scooping the MVP Award in an upcoming season.

Prop Bets

These kinds of wagers are more specific in nature. For instance, a player can place a bet predicting which player will get to score the 1st touch-down of a particular NFL game. Another instance is wagering that a player will score either more than or less than 36.5 points during an NBA event. However, this kind of wagering is prohibited in collegiate sports.

Odds Boost

FanDuel TN Sportsbook gives players odds boosts, which basically give them better odds, hence better winning chances on particular bets. For instance, if a team such as the LA Lakers were at +150 to win in a game, an odds boost allows you to take them to +210 if an odds boost is used. This betting option is most commonly found in parlays.

Banking Options

FanDuel is not only a legal sportsbook but also a highly regulated operator in the US. As such, it makes use of the United States’ banking system, seeing to it that all transactions are safe, fast and swift.


With FanDuel Tennessee, funding your account is a swift and straightforward process. You only need to click on the ‘Add Funds’ option (usually on your screen’s top right corner), choose your preferred deposit option, then input the amount you would like to deposit and then confirm. Funds will be added onto your account instantaneously. Below are the available deposit methods at the sportsbook.

  • Debit cards

FanDuel allows you to make a deposit using either MaterCard or Visa. On your end, you only need to confirm whether or not your bank allows this kind of transaction. At the moment, FanDuel TN does not allow the use of credit cards, but this could change in the near future.

  • Electronic bank transfers

This payment method is quite easy and secure. FanDuel allows players to transfer money directly to their sportsbook accounts from their bank accounts. With this option, you will need to check with your bank to ascertain that they allow for this type of transaction.

  • Third-Party E-wallets

One such option is using PayPal, which comes in quite handy, especially if your bank does not allow for these types of transactions.


With FanDuel Tennessee, the withdrawals are as easy and direct as deposits. You will see a ‘Withdrawal’ option in the account tab. Here, you are required to select your preferred method, fill in the required information, then key in your preferred withdrawal option.

  • Cashier’s check

FanDuel Tennessee can send your payment in the form of a cashier’s cheque, usually mailed to your physical address. With this option, the minimum withdrawal amount is $10, and players can withdraw up to two times daily. On average, the processing time for this option is anywhere between five to seven days. If your payment takes longer than 7 days, be sure to contact the customer service team.

  • Debit card

Another convenient withdrawal option is a debit card. However, this comes with a condition; you need to have made a deposit using the card that you wish to make the withdrawal to, as the sportsbook loads your funds to the bank account linked to this particular card.

  • Electronic bank transfers

With this option, the funds go directly to a player’s bank account. Like with the option above, a bettor will need to have made the deposit using this method for them to be in a position to use it as a withdrawal option. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10, and players can withdraw up to two times each day. Processing takes approximately 12 hours, and the funds can be available in 3-5 business days.

  • PayPal

To use this option, you must have funded your account using PayPal and linked your account to your FanDuel account. Upon successfully doing this, funds will be transferred directly to your PayPal. Players can withdraw funds up to two times daily, with the minimum withdrawal amount being $10. Processing takes approximately 12 hours, and the money will reflect on a player’s PayPal account within an hour after being processed.

FanDuel Tennessee Mobile and or App

Generally, FanDuel’s app is a slicker version of the site version. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but it is so easy to navigate. FanDuel is reputable across the globe for its top-notch mobile sports betting apps. The app layout, design and tech aspects are simply amazing and well thought. With ease of navigation, finding bets and other app features is quite easy and straightforward.

All the relevant links can be found at the upper right corner, and just like in the website, they usually transform to a player’s balance info. Just below the header, there is a row that has icons with links to available sports and promos. There is a banner further below that shows all upcoming events as well as ongoing promos. The rest of the page displays betting/wagering options, just as in the website version. It is from here that you can access the most popular sporting events, bets as well as odds boosts.

Clicking on the ‘Popular Sports’ icon allows players to view all available bets by navigating through the individual icons. There is an icon for Account balances form where you can make your deposits and withdrawals. Other icons include active bets, responsible betting, support as well as transaction history.

FanDuel Tennessee App Top Features


The app’s functionality is consistent with that of the website version. This way, players get to enjoy the same experience as though they were playing on the site. This brings a sense of familiarity, with zero need to learn different versions, as all the available versions, whether on mobile app or via website are the same.

Ease of navigation

FanDuel Tennessee works exactly in the same way across multiple platforms. In addition to this, finding your favorite bet type or game is quite effortless. FanDuel’s apps have been known to be quite charming when it comes to simplicity in navigation. In addition to this, the bet slip is usually located on your screen’s side; this means that you can see your bets’ value at all times, which works perfectly especially if you are creating parlays.

Numerous promos

The app offers players new and constant promos, with numerous ways to access the promo page. Some promos are only available for the day, so the fact that it is so easy to check what is new is such an amazing feature.

Single-game parlays

FanDuel has established quite the niche when it comes to single-game parlays. Just as the name suggests, this is a form of parlay, usually created in a single game. Players can choose to have a points spread, money line, prop bet and total (over-under) all together, while monitoring them all simultaneously and watching one game only when at it.

FanDuel Tennessee Support

Players can make use of the search bar or scroll down to the bottom of the app’s homepage to find the support option. The customer service team is available 24/7 via email, live chat or call (877-689-0662).


Is FanDuel a Legal sportsbook in Tennessee?

Yes it is. 1st November 2020 saw the operator officially launch in the volunteer state. Tennessee’s sports betting scene is quite unique, seeing as there are no retail sportsbooks; only online ones. FanDuel has undoubtedly taken the TN sports wagering scene by storm, and it continues lining up to its reputation, giving players all the more reason to sign up for accounts with them.

Is FanDuel TN available via Mobile App?

Yes! FanDuel is well reputed for its apps that are out of this world. Tennessee based bettors can attest to the fact that the mobile app from this sportsbook operator is quite amazing, giving them the same experience as that from the website. The effort that has been put on the app is truly incredible, delivering quite a top-notch product.

How do I go about the FanDuel App download?

This is quite an easy and direct process. You only need to visit Google Play Store or Apple Store on your Android or Apple phone respectively, look for FanDuel Sportsbook, then proceed to download the App. The entire process should not take you more than two minutes, provided your internet connection is nicely strong. From here, go ahead and register for a FanDuel Account, make a deposit, then proceed to bet.

Does FanDuel TN have a Retail Sportsbook?

No. Interestingly, in the volunteer state, there are no retail sportsbooks. Tennessee is the first-ever state that does not have retail sportsbooks. There are no casinos in this state; as such, all sports wagering operations are carried out via App or on site.

What does the FanDuel Tennessee cash-out feature refer to?

This is a special feature offered to players by FanDuel. It allows for bettors to cash-out their bets at any one point during the game as the game is going on. For instance, if a player’s bet is going on well and they would like to get their money early, FanDuel allows them to do so even if the game is not over. The only thing here is that you will not get the full earning from the bet; rather, the amount is a percentage of the amount that you should have won.

How Can I Withdraw My Earnings?

Withdrawals, just like deposits, are easy and convenient with FanDuel Tennessee. A player only needs to go to their account icon, click on withdraw, then choose their preferred withdrawal option, then proceed to confirm.

FanDuel Tennessee Sportsbook General Info

Name: FanDuel Tennessee
Operating System: Android, IOS
Application Category: Game
Description: FanDuel is a leading operator in the sports wagering scene. It was among the first sportsbooks to launch its App in Tennessee on 1st November 2020.